Tim Lammarsch


Tim Lammarsch (Individual Enterprise)
Technology Consulting and Software Development

Former Projects

Computing Veracity — the Fourth Challenge of Big Data
Provide methods for making the transfer between all the states in the Visual Analytics process possible, with the focus of generating scientific models from hypotheses
The Laura Bassi Centre of Silvia Miksch.
A joint research effort of HypoVis and CVAST towards a data model and software library for Visual Analytics of time-oriented data.
The Android port of the Prefuse visualization toolkit by Dritan Laitifi.
The IEG fork of the Prefuse visualization toolkit.


Prefuse Scatterplot Tutorial by Alexander Rind
The definite resource to learn Prefuse
Other tutorials by Alexander Rind
Several tutorials spanning Java, Subversion, Git, Eclipse, and other topics.


Prof. DDr. Arno Scharl
Head of the Department of New Media Technology and webLyzard technology.
Dr. Lyndon Nixon
Fellow assistant professor at the Department of New Media Technology.
Prof. Dr. Silvia Miksch
Head of HypoVis and IEG.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aigner
Head of Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Mag. Alexander Rind
Former PhD student on HypoVis and foremost Prefuse expert.
Prof. Dr. Peter Filzmoser
Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics and Probability Theory and HypoVis project partner.


Department of New Media Technology (MODUL University Vienna)
The department of Arno Scharl.
Information Engineering Group (Vienna University of Technology)
The group of Silvia Miksch.
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies (St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences)
The group of Wolfgang Aigner.


webLyzard technology
Company for Web Intelligence, Success Metrics and Visual Analytics.
This is a private web site. Commercial information (including imprint): www.lammarsch.at.